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Daily Number Sense Activity

Happy Wednesday Hump Day friends!

I had shared a picture a while back on Instagram about a quick and easy way to build number sense (literally.... a 2 minute idea!)

So... I wanted to pop in today to share a little bit more in detail about how we do this activity daily in our classroom.... AND a few freebies may or may not be down below :)

All you need for this activity is:

1. 100's chart
2. post-its or magnetic counters
3. optional - dry erase boards/recording sheet

I just took a 100's chart (which will be below!) and blew it up into poster size!  I laminated it and put magnet tape on the back!  (If you do not own any magnet tape.... you are seriously missing out!  Like BIG!)  
You can grab it at Wal Mart in the arts/crafts aisle!

So.... the activity is SIMPLE.  

Cover 5 numbers (or you can chooses how many!).  Students will have to identify the missing number.  I go a step further and ask my students to:

(a) tell me the missing number
(b) tell me how to write it
(c) what numbers comes before and after
(d) is it greater or less than 50

Simple right?!

Number Sense is SOOO important.  I could write a novel on it and it still would NOT be enough to explain just how important it is.  Anytime I can find a quick activity that I can do DAILY.... this teacher is one happy teacher!


Here the 100's chart on the board with magnetic counters on it:

Don't have any counters..... No need to worry!

Just grab little post-its!  

Before I started using the counters, I would use the post-its and draw shapes on them.

When I would call on a student, I would say, "What number is the triangle", etc....

To add an extra little spice to it... give ALL students a dry-erase board to play along and allow EACH student to participate!  Win-Win!

I also created these little half-sheets you could use (exit ticket, morning work, etc...) as well!

Just click HERE to grab the half sheets.

I also created these hundred's charts in four different colors and laminated them to use in small groups or stations!

You can grab them by clicking the picture below:

Enjoy :)

Happy Teaching!

Jessica Travis
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Earth Day for Littles! {free}

Happy Hump Day friends!

I know the end of the school year seems to take it's sweet little time to get to the finish line, but geez.... April is almost over! Gah!!  We have 29 days left of school and I can't believe it!  I swear I was welcoming those sweet little first time faces into kindergarten yesterday!

I absolutely LOVE spring time in the classroom  (and not just because visions of summertime are dancing in my head!) but the content just seems to be SO.MUCH.FUN.  This week we will celebrate Earth Day (which sometimes gets overlooked) but it's a great way to teach our littles about the importance of our Earth and how to take care of our earth!

I recently just posted a freebie in my TpT Store for Earth day (Earth Day Writing Freebie) that includes 18 Earth Day vocabulary cards (word and picture) as well as 5 different writing templates.

I just wanted to pop into today to show you a variety of ways that you can use this in your classroom for your students!

First up.... the cards were created in a large format, easy to use whole group, however if you would like a smaller set of cards, simply just print a set of the cards 2 per page! When you print them two per page, they easily fit on a ring!

The cards were created to include in a writing station and use with the included templates (or any writing paper!)

While this may be great for many students,  it may not be appropriate for all students!

Here are some alternatives to use with these cards and writing templates:

Use STAMPS and allow beginning writers to stamp the vocabulary words:

This is great for students in Pre-K and even kinder students who may still be new writers.  

I use my capital/uppercase stamps so they have to match the lowercase letters on the cards to the capital letters on the stamps!  

You can also create a "Write the Room" station!  Just place the cards around the room and allow students to use the recording sheets to document the words. 

You can:

1.  Tell students to write the first five words they find
2. Find three words and use them in a sentence.
3. Write all of the words
4. Your choice!

Maybe you are focusing on writing just ONE sentence in your classroom?!  

Place all of the cards in a bag (doesn't have to be anything fancy!) and allow students to pull out ONE card.  They will have to use this ONE word and create a sentence!  

Are you doing a full unit study for Earth Day?

Use these vocabulary cards and add them to your word wall!

If your students are ready and willing to try writing independently, go for it!

I have included 5 different writing templates:

You can grab all of the vocabulary cards AND writing templates by clicking the picture below:

Hopefully you find a great use for these in your classroom this week!

Happy Teaching :)

Jessica Travis
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Quick Clips ~ Literacy (w/ a freebie)

Well I don't know about you.... but it's Friday night and I've been in my pajamas for a good 4 hours already!  Sounds like a good time huh?!  :)  #teacherlife   #momlife

I wanted to pop in real quick and share with you my newest little project I just completed!  I am *always* looking for quick and engaging activities for my kinder babies, while still allowing the learning to be fun and successful!

I just completed my "Quick Clips" Bundle for literacy and wanted to share all about it!  The bundle includes all six packets, however each pack is sold individually ~ links will be included below!

This post will be lots of pictures to give you an idea of everything that is included in this new 180 page bundle!!

The first pack:  Alphabet Identification

This pack is perfect for beginning of the year Kinders and RTI throughout the year... and even Pre-K!

Here is a look at what is inside this specific pack:



You can take a look at this individual pack HERE

The next pack included in the bundle is the Alphabet Sounds:

Here is a closer look at what is in this pack:



You can check out the Alphabet Sounds pack HERE

The third pack included is one of my favorites!  It's all about CVC words!

Inside this pack you will find:



You can check out the CVC pack HERE.

The fourth pack is all about rhyming and word families!

In this pack you will find:




You can check out the complete Rhyming/Word Family pack HERE.

The 5th pack included in the bundle is all about Syllables:

Here is a quick look at what you will find inside:


You can check out the complete Syllables pack HERE

The final pack included covers Blends and Digraphs!

Here is what is included:


All of the clip cards are included for each blend (R, S, and L blends) as well as digraphs (SH, CH, TH, and WH)

You can check out the complete pack HERE.

Want the entire bundle at a discounted price?   

You can check out the LITERACY BUNDLE HERE

Slowly but surely, I am working on a Quick Clips for MATH!

Here is a little freebie for you to try out :)

Just click on the picture above or click HERE to download your freebie :)

Have a great weekend!

Jessica Travis
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Ladybugs & Butterflies (Life Cycle FREEBIES)

Happy Hump Day Friends!

I think it is safe to say that my students (and maybe me!) have full on spring fever.  We have been hit hard with it.  We have had a few days with nearly 90 degree weather.... and the countdown to Summer may or may not have already began.  (raise your hand if you are guilty of this!)

Although we still have 35 days left.... we have hit my absolutely FAVORITE time of the school year for Science!  You know... that subject that often gets left behind or only given about 20ish minutes to during your day (I won't lie... I've been there!)

Science in Spring is hands-down the most fun throughout the year!  We have plants, life cycles, weather... and gosh it just makes my teacher heart happy!

This week has been nothing short of life cycle overload, starting with ladybugs!  These little bugs are definitely cute... but there is so much more about these little insects!

We started off with our KWL chart to see what we knew... and my kiddos are pretty smart I tell ya!

I just made a poster and laminated it so it can be used over and over!  Just grab some post-its and you are on your way!

I also have these posters with real-life life cycle pictures hanging up in my classroom as well:

You can grab these posters by clicking HERE

To help order these stages... I wrote a little song to help my kiddos...

We sing it to the tune of "B-I-N-G-O"

I also whipped up this booklet for my students to help them write the stages and identify the stages:

(Clipart - Ashley Hughes, The Bubbly Blonde, and fonts are KG Fonts/Cara Carroll)

You can snag up this little booklet for FREE by clicking HERE

You can't have spring science without a craft.... so ladybugs it is!  

We hit the life cycle pretty hard, so I wanted a different craft, yet still including ladybugs!

Students will write about if they were a ladybug.

See the yellow eggs?  Here is the trick:

Just grab your hole punch and yellow paper!  Super easy and gives the craft some extra jazz!

You can also grab this craft by clicking HERE

To help reinforce the life cycle stages, I made these little clip cards AND puzzles to include for my fast-finishers throughout the day!

You can also grab these by clicking HERE

We will start butterflies tomorrow, but I wanted to show you the butterfly activities as well!

Grab these posters HERE

I also created the same life cycle booklet for the butterfly as the students made for the ladybug;

It shows the ladybug, but you can grab the butterfly book HERE

And you can't write a ladybug song and NOT write a butterfly life cycle song.... 

This one is to the tune:  "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians...."

I hope you snagged up some life cycle freebies that you can use in your class soon!

Happy Spring....

I just have to leave you with this picture of my little family.... just fishin' our little hearts out :)
I could sit on a dock all day long, pole in my hand, family by my side..... and be just fine!

Jessica Travis
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