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The FREE Calendar

Well I have officially been on summer break for TWO whole days now.... however on day one, we were in the urgent care with the youngest.... who kicked off summer with strep throat :(

BUT..... we are on the road to recovery so we can start enjoying the perks of summer now!


For the last two years, I have posted about the calendar that I use in my classroom and how it can all be yours for FREE!

So.... here is the calendar at a closer look:

I absolutely love this calendar set up because it allows me to include so many skills and spiraling in just a short time with my kiddos!

My favorite part.... the ten frames to help us count the days of school!!!

I use the little colored garage sale stickers to fill in the spaces, but other teachers use dry erase markers to fill in the circle, themed stickers, star stickers, etc....

During this time in calendar, I can easily incorporate number sense DAILY.... which is crucial for our little learners!

Things I do with the ten frames:

1.  How full is our ten frame? (what number?)
2. How many MORE to get to 10?  (hard skill.... but they catch on quick!!!)
3. How many tens do I have?  (how many full ten frames?)
4. How many ones? (how many stickers in the ten frame that is not full)
5. We count by 10's
6. We count by 5's - looking at each half of the ten frame


You will also find the weather, days of school template to help you after you complete the ten frames, as well as filling in the date:

Another part included:

All of the days of the week are included to help you fill in this chart above as well.   Each of the months are also included :)

I also have an abundance of little tubs and buckets (it's an addiction really!), but these little tubs from the Dollar Tree were the perfect way to hold my calendar pieces!

I attached them to my board using little Velcro dots.... and they worked perfectly!  If I needed to take them down to allow more student interaction I could.... 

This calendar set has been a freebie on my Facebook page for a while, but I get GOBS of emails stating that many people still do not have Facebook..... SOOOO.... the link below will get the calendar set for free as well!!

Just copy and paste into your browser :) 

Hope you have a relaxing summer :)

Jessica Travis
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  1. Thank you so much for this! I love it and can't wait to use this with my first graders!

  2. I just found you on IG and was poking around your great blog...umm....can I say a big THANK YOU for this incredible freebie?! THANK YOU! Love it!

  3. This is so beautiful! I just wish the months of the year were not tailor made to only certain countries. As January is summer for us and July is winter so your months do not correspond with our months! Thanks for the freebie though! Will use the other pages.

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This is beautiful made! I am looking forward to setting this up!

  5. Thanks! I love the calendar using the 10 frame. can;t wait to use it.

  6. I love using this in my classroom! Is there any possibility you will be changing the numbers to the right side like you did on the new set you posted to TPT?

  7. Thank you for sharing! I love, love, love the ten frames for days in school!

  8. This is an AMAZING freebie! Thank you so much, can't wait to use it!

  9. I LOVE the calendar circle letter font! What's it called? I would love to download it!


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