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  1. I am so excited to find your Guided Reading for Kindergarten units! Thank you for putting forth so much time and effort to create and fun and meaningful product. I have up to December so far...will there be some for the coming months or is your winter packet for January? Thank you again!
    Sherri March, Kindergarten teacher

  2. i have fallen in love with your blog and all of your digraph activities!!! i am curious about the H brothers you created to go along with the sh, th, wh, and ch -- i have looked all over your blog to find them, but i haven't. By any chance do you have printables of them and/or patterns for the 4 brothers????? I would LOVE LOVE to have them!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Hi Jessica,
    I am interested in your calendar freebie. I am not on Facebook therefore unable to access it. I'd appreciate you forwarding a copy to my e-mail account.
    Although I am a seasoned teacher, this is my first year teaching 1st grade. I will follow your site to get additional ideas to provide a great school year in the fall to my new bunch. I am very excited!


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